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Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize - NanoSPECT/CT 2006

The innovation entitled “NanoSPECT/CTTM in vivo small animal testing system”
XV. Innovation Grand Prize application


Special field: Medical equipment manufacturing

Executing organization:
MEDISO Orvosi Berendezés Fejlesztő és Szervíz Kft.
(MEDISO Medical Equipment Developing and Service Ltd.)
1022 Budapest, Alsótörökvész u. 14.
Tel: +36 (1) 399-3030

Brief description:
The subject of the innovation is an in vivo molecular imaging system, the NanoSPECT/CTTM, which is suitable to test small animals and unifies functional (SPECT) and anatomical (CT) imaging procedures. The device is the result of Mediso Ltd.’s own development, in which the multiplied multi-pinhole technology of Bioscan Inc. has been applied. The equipment is manufactured by Mediso Ltd. and distributed by Bioscan outside Hungary.

It is the first functional imaging equipment which the distribution of radiopharmacons can be examined in a tenth of millimetre range. The high-resolution detection technology developed by Mediso – completed by the patented multiplied multi-pinhole SPECT technology – has brought a major breakthrough in the field of pre-clinical animal testing.

The device enables the examination of bio-chemical processes in healthy and pathological small animals. It helps study the diseases, to find the specific marking substances, the so-called probes that characterize the process (research for new pharmacons), while the efficiency of the expected healing procedures and therapies can also be examined. Another important merit of the equipment is that it is suitable for accelerating pre-clinical research. In live animals, the effect of an expected medicine can be monitored, even from time aspect; it can be examined whether it really acts upon the target area and the data can be evaluated quantitatively. By using the imaging equipment, the number of possible compounds can be decreased very quickly. It is also suitable for monitoring genetic modifications and gene-therapeutic healing procedures can be modelled on small animals as well.

The results of the innovation
•    Mediso Ltd. has earned an income of HUF 412 million directly from the sales in 2006.
•    The company’s turnover from the sales of equipment of own production increased by 80%, the net sales reached HUF 3030 million and the profit before taxes amounted to HUF 910 million.
•    The company entered a completely new market segment, in which the sales reached a market share of 40% in the first year already (SPECT systems for small animal testing).
•    It has the best imaging parameters from among the in vivo SPECT/CT systems on the market.
•    The company has been using the new high-resolution SPECT detection technology in the serial production of human diagnostic products as well since 2007, greatly improving the standard of diagnostic patient care.

•    Ten installed devices in leading research institutions (EU, USA, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan)
•    Reference installation for OSSKI, Hungary
•    Frost & Sullivan Award for Excellence in Technology, 2005
•    International publications, lectures, scientific posters, press news, exhibitions (DGN? Germany; SNM, USA; EANM, Greece) and TV broadcasts
•    International licences and certificates
•    Customer reviews

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